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Clones (multiple entries for one player)

Clones allow you to make multiple pick entries under the same player (that is, a different set of picks under a different name, as if the clone is an entirely different player). This is especially popular in our SurvivorMarch Madness, and custom tournament bracket pools when a person wants to increase their chances of winning. Note that some sites refer to these entities as 'aliases', but we believe clone is more descriptive of the function.  Alias on our site means nickname (an alias allows the player to have a nickname displayed on the Standings instead of their full name). 


To enable clones, go to Manager -> League Settings, then under Advanced Settings you'll see the option for clones.


To create a clone, go to Settings -> Manage Clones. In the 'My Clones' box on the bottom half of the page, select the link 'Create Clones'. You can create up to 16 clones. However, the number of clones you can use in each league is up to the league manager via a manager control panel setting.

The 'My Picks' page will contain a pull-down menu of your name, plus the different clones you have set up. After making picks for your name, you'll be reminded to go back and also submit picks for your clone(s).

Screenshot of your Settings page where you can create a clone (click to enlarge):

Screenshot of the Picks page (click to enlarge):

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