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Survivor Pool Rules

  1. Each player chooses one NFL team each week. Picks are made "straight up", the line is not used.
  2. If your pick is correct, you survive until the next week. Miss your pick, and you are out (however, the league can be configured to allow up to 3 lives, that may require a price, or 'buyback').
  3. The last player standing wins!
  4. If all players lose in a given week, two things can happen depending on the league "No Survivors Tie-breaker" setting. If Last Man Standing is configured, all players alive at the beginning of the week are given a new life and move forward to the following week. If Strength of Victory is set, the league ends and the player with the highest SOV is the winner. For 2nd place bracket leagues, the Last Man Standing option only applies to the 1st place bracket (players in the 2nd place bracket do not move forward after a 2nd loss regardless). 
  5. Ties count as a win or loss, depending on the league setting. There are no ties in a survivor pool!
  6. You must have your pick in by the deadline established by the league manager. After you submit your pick, you can change it provided 1) the deadline has not past, 2) the grace period as set up by the league manager has not elapsed, 3) a game has not started that you already picked. See league deadline article. 
  7. If your league is configured to require TWO picks for the week, you must get BOTH picks correct to win. If you miss either pick you lose ONE life. The system essentially treats a double-pick as ONE pick entity for the week, its either a win or a loss. So a player who gets one of the two picks correct is no better off than the player who misses both picks. The SOV for the week is the combined SOV of the two picks (which means its possible to lose the week with a positive SOV).  
Also see our Survivor Tie-Breakers page. For information on hosting an NFL survivor pool (also called suicide pool, knockout pool, or eliminator pool), click here.

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